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10th Thuringian Biomaterials Colloquium

Lecture tip: Bacterial nanocellulose - A natural hydropolymer as a drug delivery system
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Fischer, Friedrich Schiller University, Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jena, Germany



Bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) represents an important source of energy due to its special properties such as high

purity and stability, excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical strength a
interesting carrier material, especially for innovative active ingredients. The three-dimensional network of cellulose fibers on the nanoscale opens up far-reaching interactions with numerous active substances. In the course of the investigations presented here, various techniques were developed to load BNCs with active substances in a highly efficient manner and to control their release in a targeted manner over periods ranging from a few hours to over a week. For this purpose, both laboratory-scale BNC and high-throughput generated BNC were used in comparison. The active ingredient used was octenidine, which is frequently used in wound treatment. The aim was to develop a ready-to-use system for acute and chronic dermal treatments.