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Discover the conference program of the 12th ThGOT!

Experience 9 keynotes and 59 short presentations over 3 days. You can find the complete program here.

As a special feature we offer you on the first day the workshop nanostructured hybrid materials in cooperation with the TU Chemnitz. The 2nd day will provide an up-to-date overview of Smart Flexibel, introduced by a lecture of Dr. Uwe Möhring from TITV e.V. in Greiz.

In addition, we are again preparing a professional industrial exhibition and a poster exhibition. Registrations are still possible!

On the first evening, the expert for future issues and innovations of Siemens AG, professor at the FOM in Munich and author Ulf Pillkahn will tell us something about the "wisdom of the roulette ball".

The day before you can learn more about basalt fiber and functional surfaces at the 5th Basalt Fiber Forum. Further information coming soon at