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Post submission until 15.04.2021 Extended

Now quickly take the opportunity to submit a poster for the 15th ThGOT and the 12th Biomaterial Colloquium. Posters on the following topics can be submitted until April 15, 2021:

15th Theme Days on Interfacial and Surface Engineering

  • Antibacterial surfaces - visions, results, facts
  • 3D printing and surface technology
  • Washing processes - Cleaning - Surface pretreatment
  • Sustainable surface technology - bio-based materials, processes, applications
  • New trends in surface technology

12th Thuringian Biomaterials Colloquium

  • Nanomaterials and nanomedicine (state-of-the-art and application perspectives)
  • Biomaterials and structuring techniques for therapeutic and diagnostic tissue engineering.
  • Biofunctional coatings for implants and medical devices
  • Hemocompatible materials and blood-material interactions.

Contributors of poster contributions will receive a 25% discount on the participation fees. And can publish a contribution of up to 3 pages in our conference proceedings.